Cosmo is an archive composed by 30 images of stars of deep universe. All images recall astronomy scientific research. Stars, constellations, galaxies are represented in this series. The pictures remind real objects found by Hubble Telescope but all of them are fake. These images are taken by at 70 'screen without signal and captions are real coordinates of places in the universe, where I have found similarities in the representation. Today the photography has lost connection with reality, also with the meaning. This archive would be like an exploration in contemporary photography. Vianello - Cosmo - 1663.jpg Vianello - Cosmo - 1556B.jpg Vianello - Cosmo - 1596.jpg Vianello - Cosmo - 1646.jpg Vianello - Cosmo - 1580.jpg Vianello - Cosmo - 1579.jpg Vianello - Cosmo - 1656.jpg